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Payment Method

Customers can use the following payment methods to shop on this website, including Visa, Master, FPS, BOC Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and local bank transfer.

  • Bank transfer bank account information:

         Beneficiary name: MICAH LTD

         Bank Of China: 012-802-08011186

  •  FPS transfer no.: 5514831
  • For using FPS / BOC Pay / bank transfer, after customer paid, please Whatsapp the payment receipt/payment proof to +852 98880241 with your name and contact number.

  • If customer pay with Visa / Master / Apply Pay / Google Pay, In additional 3.4% fee will be charged.

  • If the inventory is tight, our company will send the goods to the customers in order of the completed purchase date (completed purchase means a payment received by our company).