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Return Policy

The following conditions will not be subject to exchange processing:

1> The product receipt period has exceeded 3 days.

2> The product has been opened or used (eg, the packaging tape or box has been torn).

3> The product has not been kept in good condition and has been damaged, damaged or incomplete.

4> Any discount product, clearance product or sale product that does not accept returns.

5> Customers are sensitive to the products they purchase** (customers are not suitable for this product).

6> Any free gifts, accessories, and trial gifts.

7> Failure to show the product sales list or the shopping receipt

Before returning, we must check and verify the return. If the situation is found to be inconsistent with the above return rules, all returns will not be returned. At the time of return, the shipping cost and handling fee (if any) of the original order will not be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If the returned goods are accompanied by promotional gifts or special purchases, the goods must also be returned, otherwise, the return will not be processed.

If the returned product is found to be inconsistent with the company's return policy, it will not be processed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All matters relating to the return and exchange of goods, bb20.com reserves the right to make the final decision.